How to Remove the Last Exchange 5.5 Server from Your Exchange 2003 Organization


Before you can switch from mixed mode to native mode, you must remove all Exchange 5.5 servers in your organization. This topic guides you through the process of removing the last Exchange 5.5 server from your organization.


To remove the last Exchange 5.5 server

  1. In Exchange System Manager, in the console tree, expand Administrative Groups, expand the administrative group you want, expand Folders, and then click Public Folders.

  2. Right-click Public Folders, and then click View System Folders.

  3. Under System Folders, click to expand Offline Address Book.The offline address book should be in the following format: EX:/O=ORG/OU=Site.

  4. Right-click the offline address book, click Properties, and then click the Replication tab. Verify that Replicate content to these Public Stores has an Exchange 2003 computer listed. If a replica does not exist on an Exchange 2003 computer, click the Add button to add a replica to an Exchange 2003 computer.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for Schedule+ Free Busy Folder and Organization Forms, if the exist.


    If Exchange 5.5 public folders are present on the computer running Exchange 5.5, you can use the PFMigrate tool that is available with the Exchange Deployment Tools to move your public folders to an Exchange 2003 server.

  6. Move any connectors (for example site connectors or directory replication connectors) on this computer to an SRS server in your site.

  7. Wait for public folder, Schedule+ Free Busy, and Organization Forms information to replicate before you begin the next steps.

  8. From an Exchange 2003 or Exchange Server 5.5 computer, start the Exchange Server 5.5 administrator program. When you receive the prompt for a server to connect to, type the name of the Exchange 2003 SRS server for that administrative group.


    You cannot delete an Exchange 5.5 computer if you are connected to it with the Exchange administrator program. Make sure you are not connected to any Exchange 5.5 servers that you want to remove.

  9. Under Configuration, click to expand the Servers node. Click the Exchange Server 5.5 computer that you want to remove from the administrative group, and then press Delete.


    Make sure that the SRS service is running before you delete the server.

  10. From the Active Directory Connector Tool MMC snap-in, right-click the Config_CA_Site_Server_Name object, and then click Replicate Now. The Exchange administrator program also removes the Exchange Server 5.5 computer from the SRS database. The Config_CA object "reads" this delete, and then replicates it to Active Directory.

For More Information

For more information, see How to Remove Exchange 5.5 Servers from Your Exchange 2003 Organization.