Connecting Exchange to the Internet


Now that you have configured internal mail and have learned about various Internet connectivity scenarios, you are ready to connect your Exchange organization to the Internet. This section contains procedural information about how to configure your Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 organization to send and receive Internet mail. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Verify that SMTP has been properly installed   Verify that Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is functioning properly on your Exchange server before you connect to the Internet.

  • Use a wizard to configure Internet mail delivery   Internet Mail Wizard is intended primarily for small and medium companies with less complex environments than large or enterprise companies.

  • Manually configure Internet mail delivery   In large or enterprise environments, you may need to manually configure Internet mail delivery, in accordance with your organization's policies. When manually configuring Internet mail, you must complete a separate set of tasks that are associated with configuring Exchange to send Internet mail and to receive Internet mail.