Troubleshooting RPC over HTTP Communications


This section describes the steps to help you troubleshoot connection problems when you configure an RPC over HTTP connection. The main areas of troubleshooting include:

  • Verifying the RPC proxy server certificate and authentication methods.

  • Verifying a successful connection to the RPC proxy server by using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

  • Verifying the Office Outlook client configuration.

These steps walk you through all parts of your configuration to help troubleshoot an unsuccessful RPC over HTTP connection. Additionally, other troubleshooting information is provided to help you determine if an Office Outlook 2003 Client RPC over HTTP connection is working.

Troubleshoot RPC over HTTP Communications

To troubleshoot RPC over HTTP communications, see the following topics:

Test Outlook Anywhere Connectivity Using the ExRCA

You can also use the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA) to help troubleshoot RPC over HTTP issues. To use the ExRCA, open a Web browser, navigate to the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool's Web site, and follow the wizard for Outlook 2003 RPC/HTTP testing.

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