Exchange Server 2003 Operations Guide


The Exchange Server 2003 Operations Guide consists of four topics that describe the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks that, for a Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 organization, are required to keep an Information Technology (IT) organization running smoothly and without interruption.

The topic areas are as follows:

  • Overview of the processes for effective day-to-day management of an IT infrastructure. This topic provides the understanding, tools, and best practices required to maintain an Exchange Server 2003 environment.

  • Information about the daily maintenance tasks that are required to ensure the availability and reliability of your Exchange Server 2003 organization. Some of the many daily maintenance areas are as follows: performing backups, checking disk usage, monitoring server and network performance, and enforcing security measures.

  • Information about the scheduled maintenance tasks used for collecting data for trend analysis and capacity planning. Maintenance tasks include generating reports and identifying trends, reviewing protocol logs, monitoring Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access, managing mailboxes, the BadMail folder, and the postmaster mailbox, and conducting weekly status meetings

  • Information about on-demand tasks, such as defragmenting mailbox and public folder stores, verifying mails and public folder store integrity, checking queues using Queue Viewer, and configuring System Monitor to monitor Exchange server performance.


Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Operations Guide to print or read offline.

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