Verifying your Client Security deployment

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

After you have installed and configured Client Security, deployed policies, and deployed the client computers, setup is complete. After completing setup, you can view reports to verify that Client Security is performing correctly.


Before you can verify the deployment of the client components, you must wait for the policies to deploy, the client components to be distributed, the client computers to be approved in MOM, and the client computers to begin reporting data. In some cases, you can speed up these processes, for example, by manually approving client computers and by forcing policy deployment.

Viewing reports

The Client Security console contains links to various reports on the state and security of your network. By viewing these reports, you can verify that Client Security is deploying policies, performing scans, providing distribution definitions, and collecting alerts and events. Two reports are of particular importance when verifying a Client Security deployment:

  • Security Summary   Displays the policy deployment status, connectivity status, and results of malware and security state assessment scans.

  • Deployment Summary   Displays which groups of computers have up-to-date policies and definitions for malware and security state assessment scans.

To view a report

  1. Open the Client Security console.

  2. On the Dashboard tab, in the Summary Reports area, click the report you want to open.