Approving the client components in WSUS

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Before deploying Client Security, you must approve its client components in WSUS. You should also verify that you have configured WSUS so it is synchronizing Updates, Critical Updates, and Definition Updates.


If you are installing Client Security client components to computers running localized operating systems, please refer to Planning your deployment of Client Security ( prior to approving client components in WSUS. Deployment behavior varies according to localized language.

To approve the client components in WSUS

  1. In the WSUS console, click Options, and then click Synchronization Options.

  2. On the Synchronization Options page, under Update Classifications, click Change and verify that the following check boxes are selected: Critical Updates, Definition Updates, and Updates.Click OK.

  3. In the console, click the Updates icon.

  4. Select the most recent Client Update for Microsoft Forefront Client Security, and then under Update Tasks, click Approve for installation. In the Approve Updates dialog box, click OK.

  5. In the End User License Agreement dialog box, click I Accept.


When a new Client Security package is released, previous packages expire. You may see the original package listed in the WSUS console as Unapproved. Unless the WSUS administrator has created an auto-approval rule, you must accept the new update.

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