Backing up Client Security Management Pack for MOM

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

The Client Security Management Pack for MOM contains all of the data and rules for determining how MOM manages applications, services, and devices. Backing up the Client Security Management Pack for MOM is vital to restoring your Client Security environment.

Although backing up the collection database (or OnePoint database) also captures this information, backing up the management pack separately allows you to reimport it separately from the database. This can be useful in cases when you must roll back changes in the management pack.

To back up the Client Security Management Pack for MOM, use the MOM Import/Export Management Packs wizard.

You can also export the management pack from a command prompt.


Report definitions are not exported along with the other MOM objects defined in that management pack. Report definitions are backed up when you back up the SQL Server reporting database (ReportServer database).


To export the management pack

  1. Open the MOM Administrator console.

  2. In the console tree, click Management Packs, and then in the details pane, click Import/Export Management Packs.

  3. On the Import or Export Management Packs page, click Export Management Packs.

  4. On the Select a Rule Group page, expand Rule Groups, and then select Microsoft Forefront Client Security.

  5. On the Select Views page, select the Views check box to export all views, or expand Views to select all views for a rule group or to select individual views.

  6. On the Select Tasks page, select the Tasks check box to export all tasks, or expand Tasks to select specific tasks to export.

  7. On the Management Pack Name page, type a name, click Browse to navigate to the location that you want to export the management pack to, select an overwrite handling option, and then click Next.

  8. On the Completing the Management Pack Import/Export Wizard page, click Finish.


Restoring Client Security Management Pack for MOM