Scan Now dialog box page

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Use this dialog box to configure and start a scan of all managed client computers or of a single managed client computer. Client Security schedules the scan as soon as possible.

If a computer cannot be contacted (for example, a laptop that is not currently connected to your network), when it reconnects to the network, the computer will receive the instruction to begin a scan. If more than one instruction to perform a scan is given, Client Security queues only one of those instructions for each unavailable computer.

For more information about scanning, see the Client Security Administrator's Guide (

Control Description

Scan all managed computers

Select this option if you want to scan every client computer.

Managed computers are those that meet all of the following criteria. Managed computers:

  • Belong either to the Active Directory domain that contains the Client Security management server or to an Active Directory domain that has a two-way trust with the domain containing the Client Security management server.

  • Have the Client Security agent installed.

  • Have the MOM agent installed.

  • Have reported to the MOM server and provided the information required for MOM to determine that the computer has the Client Security agent installed.

  • Are on the approved list in the MOM Administrator console.

By default, this option button is selected.

Scan a specific computer

Select this option if you want to scan a single managed computer.


Specifies the name of the managed computer to be scanned, in domain-qualified format. For example, CONTOSO\DESKTOP81. You cannot specify the computer by IP address or MAC address.

You can click the browse () button to access the Select a computer dialog box.

This text box is only available if the Scan a specific computer option button is selected.

Quick scan

Select this option if you want to perform a quick scan.

Quick scans check the following items:

  • In-memory processes

  • Files in user profiles, on the desktop, in the system directory, and in the program files directory

  • Any additional items specified by malware definition updates

Full scan

Select this option if you want to perform a full scan.

Full scans check the same items as quick scans, plus the following items:

  • Full evaluation of local hard drives

  • Local, fixed drives only (no network or removable drives)

Scan Now

Click this button to begin the scan. To each managed computer included in the scan, Client Security sends an instruction to perform the scan as specified.