Backing up your deployment

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Client Security data is stored in Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) databases in SQL Server 2005. Backing up these SQL Server databases is a key aspect of protecting your Client Security deployment against loss.

In addition to the data stored in SQL Server, you should also back up the Microsoft Forefront Client Security Management Pack for MOM, any GPOs you have created, and your organization’s Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) database if applicable.

When you deploy Client Security, keep a record of the accounts that you create, as well as computer names, passwords, and setup options that you choose. Keep this information in a safe place. Always keep a copy of all recovery materials, documents, and database and transaction log backups at an off-site location.


Perform a trial data restoration periodically to verify that your files are properly backed up. A trial restoration can uncover hardware problems that do not show up with software verifications.

This section describes what you should back up in your Client Security deployment and the various backup methods available to you.

Managing media

When you back up a database, management pack, or GPO, you must back up the data onto media (for example, tapes and disks). Your backup plan should include provisions for managing media, such as a:

  • Tracking and management plan for storing and recycling backup sets.

  • Schedule for overwriting backup media.

  • Decision to use either centralized or distributed backups in a multiple server environment.

  • Means of tracking the useful life of media.

  • Procedure to minimize the effects of the loss of a backup set or backup media (for example, a tape).

  • Decision to store backup sets on-site or off-site and an analysis of how this will affect recovery time.

To safeguard against a catastrophic event (such as a fire or earthquake), keep duplicates of your server backups in a different location from the location of the servers. This will protect you against the loss of critical data. As a best practice, keep three copies of the backup media, and keep at least one copy off-site in a properly controlled environment.

Backing up computers in your deployment

Doing a complete backup of the computers in your Client Security deployment is not recommended. In the event of a media failure or disaster involving those computers, reinstalling Client Security provides a cleaner and more reliable alternative to restoring from a backup. After you have reinstalled Client Security, you will be able to restore the SQL Server databases, GPOs, and management packs as described in this section.