Understanding the dashboard

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

The following table describes the three elements found at the top of the dashboard.

Element Description

N managed computers field

Displays the number of computers reporting data to Client Security. Managed computers are those computers in your organization to which you have installed the Client Security agent. To be marked as a managed computer, the computer must have reported back to the MOM server within the last 30 days, and must have provided the information required for MOM to determine that the computer has the Client Security agent installed.

For more information about managed computers, see Scanning managed computers now.

Typically, the number of managed computers equals the sum of the following:

  • Computers reporting critical issues

  • Computers reporting no issues

  • Computers not reporting within the last 24 hours but have reported in the last 30 days

  • Computers reporting non-critical issues


Computers reporting non-critical issues are not reflected in dashboard totals. For this reason, the number of computers reflected in dashboard totals may not equal the total number of managed computers.When you install or uninstall a Client Security agent, the dashboard may temporarily show a number of managed computers that differs from the sum of computers shown in the charts. For more information about the dashboard charts, see Interpreting dashboard data.

Scan Now button

Opens the Scan Now dialog box, which enables you to start a quick scan or full scan of all managed computers or a specific computer.

Refreshed field

Displays the date and time that the data on the dashboard was last updated. Dashboard data does not update automatically. You can refresh the data displayed by pressing F5, or on the Action menu, by clicking Refresh.

Top of the Client Security dashboard

Tabs and other items at the top of the dashboard

The dashboard has three other sections: