Securing the distribution server

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

The Client Security distribution server runs the following applications:

  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  • Client Security Update Assistant

Client Security requires no additional or special security configuration of WSUS. It is recommended that you follow best practices for securing WSUS. For more information about WSUS security, see Secure Your WSUS Deployment (

Distribution server connection security

You can use SSL to secure distribution server connections. WSUS supports SSL for retrieving updates from Microsoft Update or an upstream WSUS server, as well as for sending updates to client computers.

The distribution server requires the connections summarized in the following table.

Component Connection to Topologies

Distribution server

Microsoft Update or upstream WSUS server


Client computer

Distribution server or Microsoft Update


For information about using SSL to secure WSUS connections, see Secure Your WSUS Deployment (