Using Client Security with existing software

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

The following topic describes the existing software that you can and cannot use with Client Security.

About other antispyware or antivirus software

Client Security does not support running antispyware or antivirus software in conjunction with Client Security. Before installing Client Security on a client computer, you must disable or uninstall any antispyware or antivirus software on that computer.

About MOM server and agent installations

Client Security setup installs MOM 2005. Your use of an existing installation of MOM instead is not supported.

When using the Client Security installation of MOM 2005, be aware of the following issues:

  • Changing the MOM settings specified by Client Security is not supported.

  • MOM agentless management is not supported. All of the managed client computers must have the MOM agent installed on them.

  • In cases where you have an existing installation of MOM 2005, MOM 2000, or Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, you can continue to use that installation in conjunction with the installation of MOM 2005 associated with Client Security. All three versions support multihomed MOM agents, which allow your client computers to communicate with both your existing MOM server and the MOM server associated with Client Security.

About SQL Server 2005

If you use an existing installation of SQL Server 2005, you must make sure it meets all the requirements specified in System requirements for Client Security.

The current version of Client Security does not support using a clustered installation of SQL Server.