Chapter 20 - Operations

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Introduction and Goals Introduction and Goals
Operational Framework Operational Framework
Windows Environment Operations Windows Environment Operations
SQL Server Environment Operations SQL Server Environment Operations

Introduction and Goals

After the solution has been deployed, the operations staff inherits ownership of the solution and is required to manage and maintain it. The operations team has been prepared for this task by its involvement in the Deploying and Stabilizing Phases and by reviewing the documentation prepared by the project team. Even if the Windows® environment existed before the migration, this project will have a great impact on operational tasks and responsibilities. This chapter provides additional links to guidance on how to operate the production infrastructure containing Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Windows technologies.

Operational Framework

With the penetration of technology into every aspect of modern day business, success is based not only on the technology but also on the people and processes that control the technology. The migration project has only contributed the technology and not the operational aspects of the deployed solution. Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is a collection of best practices, principles, and models. It provides comprehensive technical guidance for achieving mission-critical production system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability for solutions and services built on Microsoft products and technologies.

The following links provide information about the operational framework:

Windows Environment Operations

This section provides information about various aspects of a Windows Server™ 2003 deployment in an enterprise environment.

System Administration

Security Administration


SQL Server Environment Operations

This section provides information on various aspects of a SQL Server 2000 deployment that can be used to ensure optimal performance in an enterprise environment. Performance is also critical to scalability.



For detailed discussion on managing security, refer to


For monitoring of system performance and activity, refer to

The following links provide information on SQL Server 2000 environment operations:

Also refer to Appendix B, "Getting the Best out of SQL Server 2000 and Windows," for links to additional information about performance, scalability, and high availability.


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