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This solution contains technical and process guidance for migrating a software build process based on the UNIX make utility to Windows. When migrating the build environment, organizations must decide whether to port their build scripts on a UNIX portability environment on Windows or rewrite them entirely using Microsoft Visual Studio®. The technical information provided is targeted for the first scenario, although the process guidance can be used irrespective of the strategy adopted. The guide is structured according to the project's different phases, as described by the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). The early chapters are aimed at helping you choose the migration strategy best suited for your needs and plan your migration, while the later chapters are targeted towards helping you execute the migration.

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The guide consists of the following six chapters:


Chapter 1: Introduction. This chapter discusses the basic problems of software construction and how they are solved on UNIX and Windows systems. It also introduces the high-level strategies for migrating the build system to Windows.

Chapter 2: Envisioning Your Build Migration. This chapter includes a list of questions you should answer to choose the most suitable migration strategy for your project. It also provides guidance to perform Envisioning Phase activities such as setting up the project team, assessing the current situation, assessing project risks, and so on.

Chapter 3: Planning Your Build Migration. This chapter looks at the technical concerns that govern the choice of a particular UNIX portability environment on Windows. The chapter also discusses the choice of compilers, linkers and versions of make, and summarizes the differences between the different UNIX-on-Windows products.

Chapter 4: Migrating the Build System. This chapter provides the technical details for converting makefiles, shell scripts, and command lines from UNIX to Windows.

Chapter 5: Stabilizing the Build System. This chapter provides some brief notes on common problems encountered in testing and revising your migrated build system.

Chapter 6: Deploying the Migrated Build System. This chapter provides brief notes regarding deploying the build system on Windows.



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