Interoperability – Management

General Information

Resources for Interoperability and Migration for Windows Server 2003
Find resources for IT professionals who are interoperating or migrating Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Security ? Host & Kerberos

Reducing Administration overhead using Single Sign On functionality with standards based (Kerberos) technology.
Includes demonstration of smart-card login. (6:55)
(You will need the Windows Media Player to view this.)
28k | 56k | 100k | 300k

System Management

MOM 2005 Management Pack Development Guide
This guide helps you collect information about your application, define various states for your application, and create a management pack to monitor these states and to alert an operator about state changes.

MOM Management Pack and Product Connector Catalog
Find MOM connectors and management packs with this search tool, such as the HP Open-View connector that provides uni-directional and bi-directional connections between MOM and HP Open-View.

Interoperability with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory and Kerberos Services
Describes interoperability with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory and Kerberos from non-Windows platforms using freely available toolkits.