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Active Directory Interoperability and Metadirectory Overview
Technical articles, tools, checklists, and support articles for the Active Directory directory service in Windows 2000 Server environments.

Windows 2000 Interoperability Capabilities
Learn about the enhanced Interoperability features in Windows 2000.

Chapter 35 - Cross-Platform Interoperability
Discusses the ways that Windows NT® Server 4.0 acts as a unifying foundation in supporting new capabilities and services.

Dfs Introduction: Building a Single, Hierarchical View of Multiple File Servers and File Server Shares on a Network
Read about how Microsoft Distributed File System (Dfs) for Windows NT Server can make it easier for you to find and manage data on your network.

Integrating Windows NT Server 4.0 with NetWare, UNIX, and IBM Operating Systems (white paper)
This article describes network, data, applications, and management interoperability between Windows NT Server 4.0 and the NetWare, UNIX, and IBM network operating systems.

Microsoft Distributed File System Version 4.1
Provides tools to create a directory tree that shows a logical organization of network resources.


Microsoft User Authentication Module (UAM)
Install this binary on the Macintosh to provide a more secure connection between it and the Windows 2000 network.

Services for Macintosh
With built-in services for Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT Server 4.0 provide a powerful, cost-effective integration platform for mixed Microsoft Windows and Macintosh-based networks.


Deploying Windows NT Server 4.0 in a NetWare Environment (white paper)
This document will help you plan for a large deployment of Microsoft® Windows NT® Server-based technologies.

Gateway Service for NetWare
A Microsoft Windows NT Server utility that allows a Windows NT Server-based computer to act as a gateway to a NetWare network.

Utilities for Integrating Windows NT Server with Novell NetWare Server
Integrate Microsoft's Windows NT Server operating system with your existing Novell NetWare infrastructure.


How To Migrate from UNIX to Windows Servers
Use these links to find resources on migrating from UNIX to Windows servers.

User Name Mapping and Services for UNIX NFS Support
This technical step-by-step guide describes how to map Windows-based network user names to UNIX-based network user names and vice versa, using Windows Services for UNIX 2.0. bb463218(v=technet.10).md