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The Solution Guide for CATIA Migration from UNIX to Windows is a prescriptive guide that addresses the migration of the CATIA V4 application running in a UNIX environment to CATIA V5 in a Windows environment.

CATIA is a leading computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing/computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) system developed by Dassault Systems and used extensively in engineering organizations. The latest version of CATIA, version 5, is the first to be available on Windows. In the past, CATIA has been available on UNIX based platforms only. Many organizations are now choosing to take advantage of the capabilities of the Windows environment and migrate their CATIA application to Windows.

The guide addresses some of the key issues to consider in planning and implementing a CATIA V5 installation in Windows-based environments. Topics covered include:

  • Choosing installation strategies and tools.

  • Setting up support services like license management.

  • Minimizing administration efforts.

  • Migrating existing CATIA data from UNIX to the Windows environment.

The information included in this guide is based on the experience of consultants working in the field, tests carried out to prove the concepts, and customer installations that involved the discovery and successful resolution of many issues during migration.

Heads of IT, senior systems administrators, and system architects will benefit from the information that is provided to support planning and design decisions. Guidance covers the pros and cons of different options for both high-level decisions, such as the choice of where to install CATIA, and lower level choices, such as how to migrate a particular type of CATIA data file. For the actual execution of the migration, step-by-step procedures are provided to help the administrators and others who are responsible for carrying it out.

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The guide includes the following chapters:


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