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Solution Accelerator for UNIX Migration

The UNIX Migration Project Guide (UMPG) provides a general framework for migrating applications, databases, and infrastructures from a UNIX environment to a Microsoft Windows environment. It focuses on the organization of the "people and process" aspects of migration projects. In this way, the UMPG is designed to be a companion guide for each of the UNIX migration solution guides, which contain more project-specific, technically focused guidance. By presenting proven best practices, the UMPG guidance is intended to ensure that common causes of project failure, such as misalignment of IT and business goals, and inadequate management of project risk, are successfully addressed by the project team.

The UMPG and each migration solution guide share a parallel organization in order to facilitate their use together. At the highest level, they are organized sequentially by the life cycle stages of a technology solution—plan, build, and deploy. At the next level, the guides break these stages down further into project phases as defined in the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) process model. For each project phase, the UMPG offers advice on the issues to consider, actions to take, and deliverables to complete based on the experience of what has worked for Microsoft and its customers. It also outlines the responsibilities of team roles during each phase.

Although technical and other details of every IT project are different, the underlying process and teamwork principles and practices that lead to success are remarkably similar from one project to another. The content of the UMPG has been separated from project-specific information in order to eliminate the need for project team members to reread familiar material for every new project. First time readers will use the UMPG to understand MSF and apply its structures and ideas to their projects. Readers who are familiar with the concepts in the UMPG will need to refer to it only as a reference.

The audience for the UMPG includes not only Program Managers who have been given the primary responsibility for managing a migration project, but also the leads for each role on the project team. Test, Development, User Experience, Product Management, and Release Management will find useful guidance about their responsibilities during each project phase. Other IT business decision makers will find it helpful to understand the project process as defined by MSF, especially the built-in mechanisms for contributing their input and exerting appropriate controls.



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