Published: June 21, 2004 | Updated: October 29, 2004

Note  The definitions in this glossary apply to this guide and the subject of databases. Many of these terms have different definitions in other contexts.

  • Environment

    A system containing other systems that support one another. This system may be a combination of other systems, including operating systems, databases, and application software and scripts that are tuned to work together and provide technical harmony while interacting.

  • Migrating

    Moving a database from one environment to another. This may include reconfiguring applications to use the database operating in the new environment.

  • Porting

    Updating software that runs in one environment to run in another environment. The fundamental structure of the application does not change. In this guide, the word porting is used to describe when changes are made to the application code. In the classic sense, however, porting usually involves migration to another environment.

  • Redirecting

    The act of reconfiguring an application that connects to a data source to connect to a different data source. In this guide, redirecting means reconfiguring an application that is connected to a Sybase database to connect to SQL Server.

  • Re-hosting

    A combination of redirecting and porting, rehosting involves reconfiguring an application to connect to a different data source and moving the application to operate in a different environment.

  • Retargeting

    See redirecting. These terms are used interchangeably in this guide.

  • Rewriting

    The act of modifying the source code of an application specifically to take advantage of the programming paradigms, functionality, and application program interfaces available in a new environment. Rewriting is an extension of porting that extensively modifies the application to use algorithms and features of the new environment.


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