Real-Time Collaboration

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 provides users with a simple means to build a conference call, who can transform any conversation-a phone call or an instant message session-into a conference call or a videoconference on the fly. Microsoft unified communications technologies deliver voice and video conferencing through Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 via IP, which means that conference call audio and video streams are captured and logged just like an instant message or an email. Retaining every conferencing instance in a central archive can be an important business resource and resolves many of the compliance issues businesses currently face.

Live Meeting supports the voice and video conferencing tools in Office Communicator 2007 with a rich, online meeting environment. Live Meeting allows users to make presentations, share files and work together, all in real time, so teams can meet and work no matter where everyone is located.

Microsoft unified communications technologies are interdependent solutions. Ideal working environments have a complete build-out of technologies. But some technologies can work on their own.

Complete conferencing service requires:

  • Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005
  • Video-equipped computers and/or VoIP phones

Key Steps

Tools and Technologies