Configuring Microsoft Site Server

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Site Server Integration Site Server Integration
Installing and Configuring Membership Server Installing and Configuring Membership Server

Site Server Integration

Content Management Server 2001 can allow Web sites to authenticate any users except the guest user through Microsoft Site Server (Membership Server).

Installation summary

The following summarizes the tasks required to install Content Management Server 2001 with Site Server integration. For each step, the relevant chapter in this guide is given.

Note The Server Configuration Application cannot be installed on a Web site that is protected by Site Server.

  1. Confirm that your MSCMS 2001 server meets hardware and software requirements (Chapter 1, "Getting Started").

  2. Install and configure a Site Server LDAP Server (this chapter).

  3. Install the MSCMS 2001 server files (and set registry settings) and install MSCMS 2000 Site Builder (Chapter 3, "Installing MSCMS 2001 Server and Site Builder).

  4. Create a new database, install the database, and set up a virtual Web site for the Server Configuration Application (SCA) (Chapter 4, "Installing a Microsoft SQL Server Database" for Microsoft SQL Server).

  5. Choose the Site Server option using the SCA Access tab (Chapter 5, "Using the Server Configuration Application").

  6. Configure the Content Management Server 2001 IIS Web site to use Site Server for authentication (Chapter 5, "Using the Server Configuration Application").

About Site Server configuration instructions

In most cases, the installation instructions are the same whether or not the LDAP Server is on the same computer as the MSCMS 2001 server. The only significant difference is that if only one computer is used, only one Membership Server must be created. If multiple computers are used, they each require their own local Membership Server.

You need the Membership Server component of the Site Server on the MSCMS 2001 server if you are going to use LDAP authentication for subscribers on your Web site. IIS needs to connect to components of the Membership Server to authenticate users. An efficient method to achieve this is to have the Membership Server that is local to the MSCMS 2001 server refer to a remote Membership Server for LDAP users and organizational units.

Installing and Configuring Membership Server

Ignore this section if you already have Site Server installed and have an LDAP Membership Server configured.

Configuring and creating a database for Site Server

The Membership Server needs a database to store user information. This database can be on the same computer as the LDAP server, or on another computer. The following instructions assume the use of a Microsoft SQL Server and database.

To configure Microsoft SQL Server for Site Server:

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with Site Server, use the SQL Server Network Utility to confirm that TCP/IP Sockets are being used (this is the default setting).

To create the SQL database:

For Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, see the Site Server 3.0 Release Notes for additional information.

Creating a Membership Server

Follow the instructions under "Personalization & Membership/P&M Installation Guide/Installing P&M/Configuring the P&M Server Computer to Work with SQL Server" in the Microsoft Site Server online documentation to create a new Membership Server on the LDAP server computer.

  • When configuring the Membership Server, choose the Custom Installation option.

  • Only the Active User Object (AUO) and LDAP services are required.

  • Use the SQL database you created in the previous section when asked for a database. Select the option to use Membership Authentication rather than NT Authentication.

  • Make note of the organization name and password for the administrator account. They will be required when configuring the Membership Server on the MSCMS 2001 server.

Configuring the Membership Server's LDAP service

If you do not choose anonymous access to your LDAP service, note the user name and password you choose. This information is used when installing the MSCMS 2001 server and adding LDAP users within the MSCMS 2001 Site Builder.

Next step in site setup

The next step in setting up a MSCMS 2001 site that is integrated with Site Server is to create a database and install the MSCMS 2001 server (Chapter 3, "Installing the MSCMS 2001 Server and Site Builder"). Proceed to Chapter 4 for instructions.

You will also need to use the Server Configuration Application (SCA) and follow the instructions for using Site Server authentication outlined in Chapter 5, "Using the Server Configuration Application."