ISA Server SE Appendix A: Adding Addresses to the Internal Network

To add addresses to the Internal network, on the Internal Network page, you can select the following:

  • Add Range   You can add a range of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. You must specify the beginning and ending IP address in the range, for example, to
  • Add Adapter   You can select a network adapter. The addresses that will be included in the Internal network will be based on the IP address and subnet mask of the selected adapter.
  • Add Private   You can add addresses, defined as non-routable addresses, based on Request for Comment (RFC) 1918 and on the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) feature. For more information about private addresses, see the following:
    • "RFC1918" at the Web site

    • "How to Use Automatic TCP/IP Addressing Without a DHCP Server" at Microsoft Help and Support
      The following table shows address ranges based on RFC 1918 or APIPA.

      Address range RFC 1918 or APIPA–

      RFC 1918–

      RFC 1918–

      RFC 1918–



      Because it is assigned by default to the Local Host network, you cannot add the following address range to the Internal network:–