Configuring e-mail notifications


Applies to: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

There are various types of notification messages, including Virus, File, Worm, Content, and Keyword, and each can be individually configured.

To configure notifications

  1. In the REPORT section of the Shuttle Navigator, select Notification. The Notification Setup work pane appears.

    The top pane of the Notification Setup work pane lists the default notification roles. Each role can be customized, as well as enabled or disabled. For details about each of the default notification roles, see the "E-Mail Notifications" chapter of the "Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server User Guide."

  2. Enable the notifications that are to be in effect. The Enable and Disable buttons in the Notification Setup work pane permit you to selectively enable or disable any selected notification. The current status of each notification is displayed in the list in the top pane, under the State column. A change made to the status of a notification takes effect as soon as you click Save.


    Scan job configurations control whether a scan job sends any enabled notifications.

  3. Make the desired changes to the notifications that are enabled.

  4. Click Save to save your work.