Configuring and running the Manual Scan Job


Applies to: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

Forefront Security for Exchange Server enables you to customize the Manual Scan Job to scan mailboxes that are not covered by the Realtime Scan Job or that contain messages that predate the installation of Forefront Security for Exchange Server. The Manual Scan Job is also useful for scanning with a third-party engine that is different from those being used by the Realtime Scan Job. It is recommended that you run a full manual scan after installing Forefront Security for Exchange Server for the first time.


The Manual Scan Job can be configured to scan message bodies as well as attachments. This feature is disabled by default upon installation, but can be enabled by selecting Body Scanning - Manual in the General Options work pane. Message body scanning increases the time required to perform a manual scan of a server.

Configuring the Manual Scan Job

To modify the Manual Scan Job, click SETTINGS in the Shuttle Navigator, and then click the Scan Job icon. The Scan Job Settings work pane opens to the right.

The upper portion of the Scan Job Settings work pane contains the list of configurable scan jobs. Select the Manual Scan Job.

The lower portion of the work pane permits you to select the mailboxes and public folders to be protected and edit the deletion text that is used when the contents of an infected file are deleted.

To configure Manual Scan Job settings for scanning mailboxes and public folders, and to specify deletion text, you can follow the procedures in the Configuring the Realtime Scan Job - QS chapter.