Sender-domains filtering


Applies to: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

Sender-domains filtering enables administrators to filter messages from particular senders or domains. Wildcard characters can be used to enable such filters as * to filter all mail from a certain domain.


Sender-domains filtering only applies to the From field in a message. It cannot be used for the To field.

To configure sender-domains filtering

  1. In the Shuttle Navigator, click FILTERING.

  2. Select the Content icon. The Content Filtering pane appears.

  3. In the upper work pane, select the Realtime Scan Job or the Manual Scan Job.

  4. In the Content Fields pane in the lower-left corner, select Sender-Domains, and then click the Add button in the Content Filters pane.

  5. A text box appears. Type the sender or domain to filter. If you want to use a generic domain name filter, you must use an asterisk (*) wildcard character before the domain name.

    For example: ***

  6. Press ENTER when you have typed the sender or domain. You may add as many entries as you like.

  7. Enable the filter with the Filter field.

  8. In the Action field, indicate the action that should be taken when the filter is matched. The options are described in Content filtering action.

  9. Indicate if you would like to send notifications when a file is detected. In addition, you must also configure the notifications (see Sending e-mail notifications).

  10. Indicate if you would like detected files quarantined. Enabling quarantine causes deleted attachments and purged messages to be stored, permitting you to recover them. However, worm-purged messages are not recoverable.

  11. Click the Save button to save the new file filter.

    The scan job looks at both the display name and the e-mail address of the sender to match against sender-domains filters. If either matches, the filter action will be taken.


You can also have Allowed senders lists.