Creating new keyword lists


Applies to: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

For maximum flexibility, you can create your own lists of keywords to scan for. You can thus maintain individual lists of filters for use by different scan jobs.

To create a new keyword list

  1. In the Shuttle Navigator, click FILTERING, and then click the Filter Lists icon.

  2. Select Keywords in the List Type pane.

  3. In the List Names section, click the Add button.

  4. Type a name for the new list, and then press Enter. The empty list appears in the List Names section.

  5. With the new list name selected, click the Edit button. The Edit Filter List dialog box appears. Use it to add content to your filter list.

  6. In the Include In Filter section, click the Add button.

  7. Type a word or phrase to be included in the filter list. Press Enter when you are finished typing. You may have as many words or phrases as you want, but each must be entered separately.

    The Exclude from Import field is used to enter keywords or phrases that should never be included in the keyword list. This prevents these words and phrases from accidentally being added when importing a list from a text file.

    For information about importing new items into a filter list and for detailed information about keyword filter syntax, see the "Keyword Lists" chapter of the "Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server User Guide."

  8. When you are finished adding items, click OK.

  9. Click Save.