Connecting the Administrator to a remote server


Applies to: Forefront Security for SharePoint

The Forefront Server Security Administrator can be connected to a remote SharePoint server running Forefront Security for SharePoint. This enables an administrator to use one installation of the Forefront Server Security Administrator to configure and control Forefront Security for SharePoint throughout the network. If the server you are connecting to is in a different domain, you must ensure that the FSSPController is using a valid user ID that has permissions to access the server in that domain.

To connect to a remote server, at the Server prompt box, click the Browse button or enter the server name, IP address, or Domain Name System (DNS) name of the remote computer.


If you have problems connecting the Forefront Server Security Administrator to the SharePoint server, try using the PING command to test for server availability. If the server is available, be sure that no other Forefront Server Security Administrators are currently connected to it.