SQL Trace is an extremely powerful tool for the SQL Server DBA and database developer, enabling a wide variety of monitoring, debugging, and auditing scenarios. In this chapter, we explored the internals of SQL Trace and the SQL Server Profiler user interface tool, as well as the security requirements for using them. Basic trace configuration using both Profiler and server-side traces was covered next. We then showed you how to use traces to solve various problems, and gave you some guidance on how to make sure that your tracing activities are as successful as possible. Finally, we discussed some of the traces that are shipped with SQL Server.

Properly harnessing what SQL Trace has to offer will make you a better, more effective DBA, and will enable you to quickly and effectively determine the root cause of many types of problems that would otherwise be extremely difficult to analyze. Think of SQL Trace as your constant companion as you work with SQL Server; knowing how to use it is one of those things that separates the good DBAs from the great ones.

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