Chapter Summary

  • The Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool helps in the setup of an SSRS instance after installation, including setup of virtual directories, service accounts, Report Server database access, and encryption keys.
  • The rsconfig.exe command-line tool provides SSRS connection administration to the Report Server databases.
  • The rskeymgmt.exe command-line tool helps manage encryption keys for backup, restore, scale-out instance management, and deletion of encrypted content.
  • The rs.exe command-line tool provides a way to run SSRS script files through the command line.
  • SSAS includes two levels of security access roles: database and server. Database roles apply to users and managers of SSAS databases, and the server role applies to server-wide administration.
  • The server properties in SSAS include a way to capture queries for aggregation optimization and to capture errors so that you can troubleshoot problems if issues arise during cube processing.
  • The SSAS server properties also allow a data storage location separate from the installation files to be defined.

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