Configuring network objects

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

In Forefront TMG, a network object can define one or more IP addresses, one or more ranges of IP addresses, a subnet, a set of hosts, or a combination of an IP address and port, depending on its type. Network objects are used in defining rules.

The following types of network objects can be created in Forefront TMG:

  • Networks

  • Network sets

  • Computers

  • Address ranges

  • Subnets

  • Computer sets

  • URL sets

  • URL categories

  • URL category sets

  • Domain name sets

  • Web listeners

  • Server farms

For more technical details about network objects, see Network Objects.

For procedures for creating networks and modifying their properties, see Configuring networks and routing. This section includes the following topics, which contain procedures for creating and modifying the properties of the other network objects.


Forefront TMG includes several network objects that relate to enterprise deployments, such as the Enterprise Remote Management Computers computer set. These objects are used by the Forefront TMG system policy. These objects and the related system policy rules are not relevant in a Windows Essential Business Server deployment.