Configure Subnets

In this task, you configure network settings for additional subnets in your network, if they are present (for example, in a routed network). You configure the addresses for these subnets in Forefront TMG on the Security Server.


The Windows EBS Installation Wizard configured the network settings for the subnets where Windows EBS is deployed. If you do not have additional subnets in your network, you do not need to perform this task.

Use this procedure only to add subnets to the default Internal network in Forefront TMG. The default Internal network represents the main network of protected IP address ranges in your organization. If you have remote subnets connected through routers and dedicated or leased lines, add them here. If you have remote subnets that are connected through a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN), see Configure Site-to-Site VPN.

To configure network settings for additional subnets

  1. In the Configuration and Migration Tasks checklist, click Configure subnets, and then click Start Forefront TMG Console. The Forefront TMG console starts.

  2. In the console tree, click Networking, click the Networks tab, and then double-click Internal.

  3. In Internal Properties, click Addresses, and then click Add Range.

  4. In IP Address Range Properties, type the start address, type the end address, and then click OK.

  5. In the console, click Apply.

For more information about configuring network settings, see Forefront TMG Help: On the Security Server, in the Forefront TMG console, press F1.