Configuring Internet Information Services 7.0

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Discover more about our best practices and experiences configuring an IIS 7.0 Web server.


Customizing IIS 7.0 Roles and Modules

Modular architecture in Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 enables administrators to reduce their Web server footprint by installing only the features that they need. Get a look under the hood and see how the Engineering Operations team installs role services, features, and the associated IIS 7.0 modules that are required to run Web servers.


Managing, Tuning, and Configuring Application Pools in IIS 7.0

Take an in-depth look at how MSCOM Ops manages and configures application pools in IIS 7.0 to maintain the high performance and availability of our Web sites on the Internet. In this article, we share the settings we use to tune our application pools and provide examples that you can use to help configure your environment.

Delegating Configuration in IIS 7.0

Reduce administrative overhead by using delegated configuration in Information Services (IIS) 7.0. Find out how the Engineering Operations team uses delegated configuration in IIS 7.0. Topics include performance and availability considerations, security, and delegating administrative control to Web sites.


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