Create a Text Box in a Meeting Workspace site

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  1. On the Modify This Workspace menu, click Add Web Parts .

  2. Do one of the following:

Create the list automatically using default settings

  • Drag the Text Box Web Part to a zone on the page.

Create the list using settings you specify

  1. At the bottom of the task pane, click Show All Lists .

  2. Under Lists , click Text Box .

  3. Specify the information about the list, and then click Create .

  • Add new items to the list. You can use the Text toolbar to format the text, such as change its color, font, or font style.


  • You must be a member of the Web Designer or Administrator site group to do this procedure.

  • If the Meeting Workspace site has more than one meeting, you can change the text box to share its content across all meetings in the workspace site.

  • To use single line spacing, press SHIFT+ENTER at the end of a line.