Changing Site Owners from SharePoint Central Administration

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The SharePoint Central Administration page includes a link formanaging users for sites. Administrators on the server computer andmembers of the SharePoint administrators group can use this link tochange owners, add users or cross-site groups, remove users orcross-site groups, and change site group membership, without havingto be an administrator on a specific site. Administrators do,however, need to know the URL for the site.

Change the owner of a site

  1. Click Start , point to All Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and then click SharePoint Central Administration .

  2. On the SharePoint Central Administration page, under Security Configuration , click Manage site collection owners .

  3. On the Manage Site Collection Owners page, in the Site URL box, type the URL of the site, and then click View .

    The information for the current site owner andsecondary owner appears automatically on the page when you click View .

  4. In the Site Owner section, in the User name box, typethe account name (in the form DOMAIN\username) and e-mail address(in the form for the user who will be the siteowner and administrator.

  5. If you have a new secondary contact name, type that accountname in the Secondary Owner section.

  6. Click OK .