Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Hosting Configuration and Experience

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Authors: Microsoft Office Internet Platform and OperationsWindows SharePoint Services Team


This white paper describes the way the Internet Platform andOperations group at Microsoft Office configured MicrosoftWindows SharePoint Services server farms to publiclyhost Windows SharePoint Services Beta. This is the first of fourpapers that describe the Windows SharePoint Services Beta 2 hostingexperience.

The configuration and best practices outlined in this paper maybe of use to anyone deploying Windows SharePoint Services in ahosting scenario, for example, Internet service providers (ISPs).The server farm configuration described in this paper creates aWindows SharePoint Services deployment that uses scalable hostingmode with Microsoft Active Directory account creation. Thisallows the creation of various fully qualified domain names, andallows site owners to create user accounts where existing domainaccounts for those users do not already exist. For more detaileddescriptions and configuration steps for this scalable hosting modewith Active Directory account creation scenario, see the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide .