About the Server Health Check

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The Server Health Check feature lets you maintain the database and other supporting files for your SharePoint team Web site. This feature can also ensure that your site security settings are still functioning and that none of your subwebs has allowed anonymous users to modify site content. As a site administrator, you can enable or disable the Server Health Check and specify how often it occurs

The Server Health Check can perform the following checks and make repairs when it detects errors:

  • Synchronize database   This ensures that database information matches that of the team Web site file system.

  • **Verify existence of webs ** This ensures that all subwebs are present.

  • Check roles configuration   This ensures that user role settings can be enforced.

  • Tighten security   This ensures that all the necessary team Web site files and directories are present, and that only users with the proper permissions have access to them.

  • Check anonymous authoring   This checks the anonymous user access rights for the team Web site and all subwebs to ensure that anonymous users don't have the right to modify any content.

Note if a subweb exists on a shared folder that is not currently available, the Server Health Check will report this when the Verify existence of webs option turned on. In that case, do not use the Repair option. Doing so will cause the subweb to lose security settings and appear as a folder (not a subweb) when the shared folder becomes available again. If this problem occurs, use FrontPage 2002 to re-establish the folder as a subweb.