Configuring initial deployment settings

Use the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway Getting Started Wizard to configure or modify basic deployment settings. The wizard is divided into three sections, as follows:

  • Network Setup Wizard—Use this wizard to configure each network adapter on the server. Each network adapter is associated with a unique Forefront TMG network.
  • System Configuration Wizard—Use this wizard to configure operating system settings such as computer name information and domain or workgroup settings.
  • Deployment Wizard—Use this wizard to configure malware protection for HTTP traffic and to join the customer feedback program and telemetry service.

Before running the Getting Started Wizard

Before you run the Getting Started Wizard, there are Forefront TMG concepts you should understand and information you need to collect.

Make sure that you understand the following concepts:

Collect the following information:

  • Network adapter settings, including settings for the network adapter connected to your local access network (IP address, subnet mask, and Domain Name System (DNS) server address); settings for the network adapter connected to the Internet (if your Internet service provider (ISP) provides a static address, record the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS server address); and settings for any additional network adapters on the computer, for example, a third network adapter connected to a perimeter network.
  • If you use a dial-up connection to the Internet, note the static address provided by your ISP, the user name, and the password.
  • The server name.
  • If the computer will join a domain, you need the fully qualified domain name.

Running the Getting Started Wizard

After Forefront TMG installation, you can run the Getting Started Wizard to configure basic deployment settings, including network adapter settings, policy updates, and joining the server to a workgroup or domain.


he Getting Started Wizard locally. It is not available using remote management.

To open the Getting Started Wizard

  1. In the Forefront TMG Management console, click the server name node.

  2. On the Tasks tab, click Launch Getting Started Wizard.

For instructions about running each part of the wizard, see the following topics: