Mobile Device Manager Resource Kit Tools and Documentation


Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) 2008 Service Pack 1 includes tools and documentation to help you configure, deploy, and manage the MDM system. This topic describes the documentation and tools that are available to help plan infrastructure configuration, and deployment of the MDM system.

MDM Resource Kit Tools Overview

MDM 2008 SP1 includes several tools, such as the Active Directory Configuration Tool (ADConfig) and MDM Self Service Portal. You can also download additional MDM Resource Kit Tools to help configure, deploy, operate, and maintain MDM.

The following table lists the MDM Resource Kit Tools currently available.

Tool Name Description Download Availability

MDM Client Tools

Provides tools you can run on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices to troubleshoot MDM connection issues, download new software updates, and display status such as device synchronization information.

Download the tool

MDM Server Tools

Provides tools you can run on servers in the MDM system to help you configure, deploy, operate, and maintain MDM.

Download the tool

MDM Best Practices Analyzer Tool

Helps analyze a group of servers to determine if prerequisites are in place for deploying MDM. You can also verify the firewall configuration required for MDM and run a post-deployment scan to help make sure your installation works properly.

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MDM Reporting Services

Provides a reporting and data access service across all feature areas of MDM. MDM Reporting Services is based on and integrated with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.

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MDM Password Reset Client Application

Provides a .cab file to install on Windows Mobile devices that enables users who have forgotten their device passwords to request a recovery password that enables them to reset their passwords. The feature must also be enabled on MDM Device Management Server to work successfully.

Download the tool

MDM Documentation Overview

A comprehensive set of online and downloadable documentation is available to help evaluate and deploy MDM.

The MDM Technical Library provides MDM documentation online. This content provides the most accurate and up-to-date technical information about MDM. For more information, see the MDM Technical Library at this TechNet Web page:

You can also review a snapshot of the content in downloadable guides, available on the MDM TechCenter Download tab. The following shows the downloadable guides currently available:

Title Description

MDM Architecture Guide

Provides an overview of the MDM system. This includes server roles and components. The MDM system adds four main components to your existing infrastructure to deliver application packages, authenticated connection to line-of-business (LOB) applications, and Group Policy rules enforcement for managed devices.

MDM Planning Guide

Includes two sections, Getting Started and Planning. This guide provides overview and "What's New" information, as well as guidelines to design and plan MDM deployment, and to configure and install the required infrastructure components to successfully deploy MDM. Includes a checklist to configure and deploy MDM. You must review and complete these configuration steps before you deploy MDM.

MDM Deployment Guide

Provides steps to configure Active Directory for MDM and to install the MDM system. You must complete the pre-deployment planning and configuration steps provided in the MDM Planning Guide before you use this guide to configure and install MDM.

MDM Security Guide

Provides prescriptive guidance to configure security features in MDM. Key security features include encrypted access to e-mail and LOB applications from the Internet and certificate-based authentication for virtual private network (VPN). Follow these guidelines to help protect company data and communications when you implement MDM in your organization.

MDM Self Service Portal Deployment Guide

Provides guidelines to install and configure MDM Self Service Portal deployment. MDM Self Service Portal is a Web-based interface that lets users manage their Windows Mobile devices. On this portal, based on the settings that you configure, users can enroll their Windows Mobile devices, monitor enrollment status, and wipe managed devices.

The application is also an example solution that you can use as a starting point to develop a custom self-service site. You can customize sections of the portal and extend user or administrator functionality.

MDM Self Service Portal Developer Customization Guide

Provides guidance for customizing the appearance and behavior of the portal, such as changing the theme. In addition, the guide includes application design and implementation details for the portal that can help you extend or change the functionality more extensively than by using simpler update methods.