Configuring web access

Updated: February 1, 2011

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

The following topics provide information about configuring web access in Forefront TMG:

  • Introduction to configuring web access—Describes the various steps involved in creating a web access policy with Forefront TMG.

  • Enabling access to the Internet—Describes how to create and configure web access policy rules.

  • Caching website content—Describes how to set up caching of frequently downloaded content in order to improve the speed of web access and improve network performance.

  • Configuring BranchCache in Forefront TMG (SP1)—Describes how to enable and configure BranchCache in Hosted Cache mode on a Forefront TMG computer. BranchCache is a wide area network (WAN) bandwidth optimization technology that allows client computers at branch offices to access content from a local cache.


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Setting up access to the Internet and corporate resources