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Published: January 5, 2010   |   Updated: June 4, 2010


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MOF Action Plans are resources designed to provide IT pros with concise, actionable solutions that address IT problems faced in the real world.

MOF Action Plans

MOF Action Plan: Release Readiness for Windows 7. The latest release in the MOF Action Plan series addresses the challenge of validating people-readiness for Windows 7 deployment. Building upon guidance from the MOF Release Readiness Management Review, this action plan asks the reader to evaluate four distinct aspects of release readiness. The action plan provides key considerations to determine organizational preparedness, as well as guidance for creating a tailored deployment checklist.

MOF Action Plan: Redistributing the Workload. This action plan addresses the challenge of redistributing the workload due to staffing cuts and asks you to consider and reconfigure key responsibilities and work distribution, based on key principles and best practices from MOF 4.0 core content.

MOF Action Plan: Standard Changes. The latest MOF Action Plan will help your organization implement standard changes to improve your change process. The action plan serves as a supplement to Using Standard Changes to Improve Provisioning: A MOF Companion Guide and provides guidance for selecting and implementing standard changes.

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Microsoft Operations Framework supporting content guidance documents may be available as beta releases on the Connect Web site. These are open beta downloads. To join the MOF beta, follow these steps:

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