Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010

Updated: February 1, 2011

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Welcome to the product documentation for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010. Forefront TMG is a comprehensive secure web gateway solution that helps to protect employees from web-based threats. Forefront TMG also delivers simple, unified perimeter security, with integrated firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, malware inspection and URL filtering.

The Forefront TMG product documentation is organized by content categories. Use the topics in each category to help you design, plan, deploy, and administer your Forefront TMG servers. The documentation also provides reference materials and troubleshooting tips.

Product Evaluation

The Forefront TMG Product Evaluation section provides a summary of what's new in the latest release, a comparison between Forefront TMG Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, and information on how to acquire an evaluation software version of the product.

Getting Started

The Forefront TMG Getting Started section provides the release notes and information about using keyboard shortcuts for selecting commands and for navigating in and between console panes.

Planning and Design

Use the Forefront TMG Planning and Design section before you begin to deploy Forefront TMG. Planning and design guides help you to identify design strategies, and match them to your deployment requirements. Design guides are provided for each stage of Forefront TMG deployment and operations, including planning for high availability and scalability, installation, securing access to the web and to internal corporate resources, protecting the computers and servers in your extended network, and administering your Forefront TMG deployment.


Use the Forefront TMG Deployment guide as you install Forefront TMG, and configure networks and routing, Forefront TMG server and client settings, Forefront TMG arrays, and Network Access Protection. Under Forefront TMG Deployment you can also find end-to-end solution guides for interoperability with BranchCache, and for planning, deploying, and configuring a Forefront TMG secure web gateway.


The Forefront TMG Operations guide provides information to help you set up secure access to the Internet and to corporate resources, configure the protection of computers and servers in your extended network, and manage day-to-day operations for your Forefront TMG servers.


The Forefront TMG Troubleshooting section provides information that can help you to troubleshoot Forefront TMG, including how to use diagnostic logging, troubleshooting instructions for Forefront TMG setup and installation, and troubleshooting web access protection. Unsupported configurations summarizes common unsupported configurations and scenarios that you may encounter when deploying and maintaining Forefront TMG.

Technical Reference

The Forefront TMG Technical Reference section includes detailed reference topics about Forefront TMG, including documentation for administration tools, security applications, and other components that integrate with and build on the Forefront TMG platform.

Development Guide

The Forefront TMG Development Guide provides information for programmatically configuring Forefront TMG, and for developing and using custom extensions for this product.

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