Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

Applies To: Unified Access Gateway

Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) provides remote client endpoints with access to corporate applications, networks, and internal resources via a Web portal or site. Forefront UAG product documentation is organized into content categories. Use the topics in each category to help you design, plan, deploy, and administer your Forefront UAG servers.

Product Evaluation

The Product Evaluation section provides a summary of Forefront UAG features and what's new in the latest release, and an overview of Forefront UAG architecture.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section provides the release notes, information about running Forefront TMG on the Forefront UAG server, a summary of unsupported scenarios, and an overview of the user interface and help.

Planning and Design

Use the Planning and Design section before you begin to deploy Forefront UAG. Planning and design guides help you to identify design strategies, and match them with your deployment requirements. Design guides are provided for each stage of deployment, including planning your corporate infrastructure, installation, array configuration, Forefront UAG DirectAccess deployment, application publishing, endpoint access control, and endpoint access component deployment.


Use the Deployment guide as you install and initially deploy a single Forefront UAG server or an array of multiple servers, publish applications via Forefront UAG trunks, configure access mechanisms to control endpoint access, and prepare to deploy Forefront UAG components on remote endpoints.


Read information in the Operations section as you administer Forefront UAG servers and arrays, manage portals and endpoint access, and monitor and log Forefront UAG traffic.

Technical Reference

The Technical Reference section provides information about the Forefront UAG user interface, SQL Server logging fields, and registry keys that are used to configure Forefront UAG settings that are not available in the Forefront UAG Management console.


The Troubleshooting Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) section provides information that can help you to troubleshoot Forefront UAG.

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