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Applies to: Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Office 365 Message Encryption is the new version of Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE). All EHE customers have been upgraded to Office 365 Message Encryption. To learn more about Office 365 Message Encryption, see Encryption in Office 365. For more information about what the upgrade from EHE to Office 365 Message Encryption means for you and your email users, visit the Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) Upgrade Center.

If you have received messages encrypted with EHE, you can continue to view those messages in the EHE portal until September 30, 2015. However, you cannot reply to or forward messages from the EHE portal. This topic explains how to open and view received encrypted messages in the EHE portal.

How to open a received encrypted message

  1. Open the secure message.

  2. Click the Read Message button.

  3. Enter your password and click Continue.

For security purposes, the link provided to read your encrypted message can only be clicked once. If you attempt to click the same link a second time, you will receive the following error message:

  • This link has already been used. If you are trying to view your secure message, return to your inbox, click on the message you are attempting to read, and open the attachment titled message_zdm.html.

If this happens, you will need to go back to the original message you received and follow the authentication process again in order to read the message. This will cause a new message to be sent to you with a new link. If you are still unable to read the message, contact the sender and let their support team know of the issues with decrypting the message. From this point they will need the encryption team for further investigation. You may wish to escalate this matter to your local support personnel if you continue to have problems decrypting messages.


The time allowed to read an encrypted message is 15 minutes when accessing a message that was sent using the EHE service. This timer starts as soon as the receiver processes the authentication through the message_vsr.html attachment. You will have 15 minutes to authenticate, open the answer-back authentication message, click the token that was sent, read your decrypted message, compose a reply to the sender and send in order to have your response encrypted as well.
If the answer-back authentication message is delayed for any reason or the message that you are replying with is long, and takes more than 15 minutes to compose, the session will run out of time and you will get an error.
As soon as you have received one answer-back message that has expired, you must request another answer-back message from the HTML message in order to view the encrypted message again.

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