Retrieving the Effective Endpoint Protection Settings

Applies To: Forefront Endpoint Protection

This task applies to the following feature:

  • The FEP Security Management Pack

To retrieve endpoint settings by using the FEP Security Management Pack

  1. In the Operations Manager console, navigate to the Monitoring view, and then expand the Monitoring tree.

  2. In the Monitoring tree, under Forefront Endpoint Protection, click Endpoints with FEP.

  3. In the Endpoints with FEP pane, click the name of the endpoint from which you want to retrieve settings.


    In order to search for an endpoint by name, enter the name (FQDN) of the endpoint in the Look for text box, and then click Find Now.

  4. In the Actions pane, expand Protected Server Tasks, and then click Retrieve Endpoint Settings.

  5. In the Run Task dialog box, verify that the target is the endpoint that you want to retrieve settings from and that the check box next to the target name is selected, and then click Run.