Configuring Definition Updates

Applies To: Forefront Endpoint Protection

You can configure the Endpoint Protection client software to check for updates from one or many of the following sources:

When you configure multiple definition sources, by default the client software checks for definition updates in the following order:

  1. File share

  2. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  3. Microsoft Update

However, you can alter both the order of this list and the definition sources checked.

To change the order of definition updates or alter the update sources

  • After creating a FEP policy, right-click the policy and then click Properties.

    • To change the order of definition updates, click the Updates tab, and in the list of update sources, click the one you want to reorder, and then click either Up or Down.

    • To change the definition update sources, on the Updates tab, in the list of update sources, click the check box next to the definition update sources you want to check for updates.


      If you select Updates from UNC file shares, you must configure those shares. For more information, see File-Share-Based Definition Updates.

  • When finished, click OK.

You can view the definition status for your deployed FEP clients by viewing the Definition Status area in the Endpoint Protection dashboard. For more information about the FEP dashboard, see Dashboard Overview.