Memory and Processor Considerations

Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) is designed to work in your existing Configuration Manager infrastructure without major hardware changes.

The following table shows the recommended percentage of resources to keep available (based on the Configuration Manager hardware recommendations) and the actual percentage of resources used in a 300,000 client computer test.


While FEP adds little additional load to your Configuration Manager site server and to your computers running an instance of Microsoft SQL Server, always size your hardware to provide additional resources for any unexpected peak load.

Resource Impact Area Recommended Resource Availability (available percentage of Configuration Manager resource recommendations) Percentage Used – 300,000 Client Computer Test Results

SQL Server processor use by the FEP extensions (delta)

20 percent

<5 percent

Configuration Manager site server processor use by FEP extensions (delta)

10 percent

<2 percent

Configuration Manager site server memory use (delta)

500 MB

<100 MB