Cannot start remote control session

ProcessRobot offers the capability to remotely control a SoloBot from the Control Desk.

In case a "Could not start a remote control session" window appears while trying to initiate the Remote Control Session, proceed as below:

Cannot start remote control session error

  • Verify that the SoloBot and the Control Desk are installed on different machines.

  • Launch "services.msc" on the machine that hosts your SoloBot. In the menu, locate the "ProcessRobot SoloBot Service". Within the service's "Log on" tab, verify that the "Log on as Local System account" option is selected.

    Log on as local system account setting

    As long as the above rule applies, the "ProcessRobot.RemoteControl.Process.exe" should be able to initialize the Remote Control Session successfully.

  • In case you are still not able to start the Remote Control session, restart both the "ProcessRobot Solobot Service" and "ProcessRobot Server" services via "services.msc".