Google Chrome extension installation - system cannot find the file specified

In rare cases, Chrome extension cannot be installed either during the installation or after it, even though the machine has internet connection and can access the Chrome store location.

Even if the extension gets installed via the individual 'Web Extensions' installer package, the "Launch New Chrome" action cannot open a Chrome window, failing immediately with an error message containing "the system cannot find the file specified".

If that is the case, first thing to check is whether Chrome can start via Windows Run (Windows Button + R) or via the Windows Cmd.

Start Chrome using Windows Run command

If the command does not work as it is, it means that the Chrome installation path is not added in system's or user's path environment variable. This can happen if the Chrome installation has been done in an environment without elevated privileges, where Chrome is installed on user's %localappdata% folder, instead of the %programfiles% or %programfiles(x86)% one.

As a result, the Chrome extension cannot be installed as well.

One solution could be to add the Chrome installation folder to user's path environment variable by navigating to 'Control Panel\System and Security\System', open the Advanced system settings > Environment Variables > User Variables > Edit > New.

How to add Chrome installation folder using advanced system settings

How to add new path using advanced system settings

How to edit environment variable in advanced system settings

Another possible solution would be to reinstall Chrome on the %programfiles% or %programfiles(x86)% folder.

Afterwards, Chrome extension will work as expected.