Exporting a composition

Once you've created a composition in Deep Zoom Composer, you can export it to a site using options available in the Export workspace. You can preview what will be exported in the Output Preview pane.

Settings panel

The Settings panel provides additional export options, such as output type, image settings, composition name, and export location.

  • If you want to export only an image directory for use with other programs, use the Images output type.

  • If you want to export your composition as Microsoft Silverlight content, use the Silverlight Deep Zoom output type. For more information about Deep Zoom in Silverlight, see Silverlight on MSDN Dd409081.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.10).png. Compositions exported for Silverlight have better loading times and a smoother experience of panning and zooming images than compositions exported for Seadragon Ajax. In addition, compositions exported for Silverlight can be exported as compositions or collections.

  • If you want to export as Seadragon Ajax content, use the Seadragon Ajax output type. For more information about Seadragon Ajax and to see samples, see Seadragon Ajax on Microsoft Live Labs Dd409081.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.10).png. Although compositions exported for Seadragon Ajax do not load as quickly as compositions exported for Silverlight, and are visually less smooth to pan and zoom, you can view them on computers that do not have Silverlight installed.

  • If you export for Silverlight or Seadragon Ajax, Deep Zoom Composer creates an image folder, an HTML page, and other supporting files. The files together provide a basic navigation experience for your composition, including the loading, panning, and zooming of the image.

Composition or collection?

There are two image setting options available in the Settings panel:

Export as a single image or a collection of images

  1. Export as a composition (single image).

  2. Export as a collection (multiple images).

You can export as a composition or a collection when you select either the Images or Silverlight Deep Zoom output type. If you select the Seadragon Ajax output type, you will be able to export only as a composition.

To determine when to export as a composition and when to export as a collection:

  • Export as a composition if you want to flatten your composition into a single high-resolution image.

  • Export as a collection if you want to work with a set of individual images of different resolutions that you can filter or programmatically move around the screen.

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