XAML text support

When you export artwork using one of the XAML-supported formats, some formatting of text objects may be lost because XAML does not support all text properties. If you have text objects in your Expression Design document and you select to export them to one of the XAML-supported formats, a warning icon will appear. You can then decide if you want to convert the text objects to paths, change the export format, or continue to export the text objects without the unsupported formatting.

Fonts supported by XAML

XAML supports the following fonts:

  • Arial

  • Arial Black

  • Comic Sans MS

  • Courier New

  • Georgia

  • Lucida Grande/Lucida Sans Unicode

  • Times New Roman

  • Trebuchet MS

Text properties not supported by XAML

XAML does not support the following text properties:

  • Font family (except for fonts listed previously)

  • Alignment

  • Leading

  • Tracking

  • Horizontal scale

  • Base line offset

  • Script